Mason & Lauren

July 13, 2020

Mason & Lauren snuggled with ring

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first blog post. It’s only fitting that my very first blog post be about my best friend and her FIANCE’S surprise proposal! I first met Lauren through a summer golf tournament when we were in high school. Met her, played 18 holes with her, said goodbye, and 3 years later we were on the same college golf team! It was fate. Also shortly after we started college golf together in Austin, we found out we only live 8 minutes from each other back home in Houston! Her now fiancĂ©, Mason, was also on our college golf team so I became really great friends with both of them.

Back in April when I got a text from Mason that said “What’s up?”…I knew what was up! Then of course he confirmed my suspicions that he was proposing to Lauren. To say I was ecstatic is an understatement. Then he said he was proposing in June. JUNE. How in the world was I supposed to keep this a secret from her for two months?! She’s the first person I go to when I have super exciting news, and now I’m supposed to stay quiet about it! I guess thats how a surprise proposal works. Every time we texted between April and June I felt like she was going to find out somehow. Like she could see it on my face…through text..? I don’t know, I was just nervous, okay!

Fast forward to June 13th, and the day has come. Here I am, squatting behind a bush with my camera and peeking out hoping she doesn’t see me. My legs were shaking so bad I thought every picture would turn out blurry because I couldn’t stay still. I’m getting nervous again just writing this because it’s bringing back all the memories. I can’t even imagine how Mason felt! Thankfully my body didn’t collapse on me and I was able to stand to capture such a special moment for my friends. It’s officially been one month since this day and I’m still just as excited for them as I was on June 13th!

Mason and Lauren, I’m so thankful that I got to take these pictures for y’all and I can’t wait for the wedding!! Love you both.


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  1. Meg says:

    Beautiful photos!

  2. Lenore Rhodes says:

    So excited for you both. You will be a beautiful pride! So weird, it seems like yesterday when Mom would give Molli your pretty little dresses. Now you will be a wife! Wishing you guys all the happiness in the world!


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